"Born in the sunny south, but the big city that always keeps moving captured my heart. Embracing the illogical and finding inspiration in daily life. Always curious about everything that makes life either really good or super shitty. I'm looking for the balance between commercial and conceptual advertising. With a background in product design and main focus on fashion and photography I try to make people think, do and laugh a little."

Floor Opheij is an Amsterdam based conceptual designer. She has a background in advertising, product and shop design. For more info, collaborations or projects: flooropheij@gmail.com

Showroom Mama Rotterdam, 2019
Ocular | A different view on visual culture

Casco Amsterdam, 2019
Stadsnomaden x Amsterdam Zuid

Museum van Bommel en van Dam Venlo, 2014
U_Bahn meets art, group show

Havaz Lemz, 2019
Internship, Creative

Floorentina, 2016 - 2020
Freelancer, Multi-disciplinary

Refunc, 2015
Internship, Multi-disciplinary

Wink, 2015
Internship, Creative and production

Willem de Kooning Academy, 2016 - 2020 (graduated)
Bachelor of the Arts: Advertising/Visual culture

Sint Lucas Boxtel, 2012 - 2016 (graduated)
Stand, shop and interior design: product design